The minimum dose-

Perhaps the more counter-intuitive aspect of Homeopathy is the idea of the minimum dose. The original substance (often poisonous in it’s crude form) is triturated (ground in a pestle and mortar) before being diluted in water and subjected to vigorous succussions (or vortexing). Detractors argue that, because the substance is diluted to the point where no material trace can be found, Homeopathic medicines should not be able to exert a biochemical effect on the body. However, there are studies into the Quantum properties of water that are shedding light on the mechanism of action in Homeopathic dilutions.

Mae-Wan Ho writing for the Institute of Science in Society, explains that “The quantum electrodynamics theory of water (proposed by Del Giudice showed that) the interaction of light with liquid water generates quantum coherent domains in water molecules… Coherent domains (CDs) can also trap electromagnetic frequencies from the environment to… activate specific biochemical reactions through resonance, a mechanism for the most precise regulation of gene function.”

The research suggests that using this “excited water” as a vehicle for a medicinal agent means that the electromagnetic signal contained within the CDs can interact with the body at the level of DNA. This could explain the very rapid curative effects of Homeopathic Dilutions that have been empirically-observed through numerous high quality Trials.


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This leads us onto Luc Montagnier (Nobel Prize-winning Virologist who discovered the AIDS virus) who explains his research:

“that DNA produces structural changes in water, which persist at very high dilutions, and which lead to resonant electromagnetic signals that we can measure… Water is not a homogeneous liquid, rather it appears as a two fluid system, with coexisting coherent and non-coherent phases”.

But what are coherent and non-coherent phases in water?

For the answer, we can turn to Quantum Mechanics as explained by Dr Alex Tournier. “Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED) was originally formulated in the late 1920s… to describe how light interacts with matter. The theory suggests the presence of quantum Coherence Domains (or CDs)… where small volumes of water act as a single ‘quantum’ entity rather than a collection of water molecules randomly colliding with each other… CDs ‘lock-in’ the Electro Magnetic fields present at the time of their creation… captur(ing) the signature of specific DNA fragments.”

As Dr Montagnier himself puts it; “high dilutions of something are not nothing. They are water structures which mimic the original molecules… you can calculate that there is not a single molecule of DNA left. And yet we detect a(n electromagnetic) signal.”

In Mae-Wan Ho’s article published by Informa Healthcare, she describes how “work carried out in the laboratory of Alexander Konovalov shows that highly serially diluted solutions… spontaneously form clusters (also known as nanostructures)… Confined water adopts a variety of new quantum states distinct from bulk water, and highly dependent on the precise dimensions of the nanospace (to which it is confined)- Reiter et al. (2006, 2012). In other words, water adopts a single quantum state, wherever it is, which is quite remarkable in itself. (I invite you to think about the ocean, when it is clear and calm, and when raging with tsunami (Ho, 2013a–c)).”

The argument that Homeopathy is nothing more than water and therefore cannot exert a therapeutic effect is starting to sound less credible in light of the current understanding of Quantum Electro-Dynamics. Montagniers’s studies have indeed revealed that patients suffering from chronic diseases emit an electromagnetic signal (EMS) that can be measured.

“The high-intensity signals come from bacterial and viral DNA… in the plasma of many patients with Autism, Alzheimers, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis.”

The effects of disease are thus shown to be detectable by electromagnetic signals, which means that a dilution which has been shown to produce an EMS can also exert an influence over the physical body. “These DNAs originate from pathogenic agents… It may not be pure coincidence that such EMS are associated with diseases, particularly chronic diseases.” So, a substance that is pathogenic (such as the Homeopathic remedy Arsenicum, prepared from deadly Arsenic) emits an electromagnetic wave, even when diluted in water.


For example, let us take an individual who is expressing the symptoms of Arsenic poisoning, such as extreme anxiety with restlessness and gastric flu.

When administered a diluted version of Arsenic, the EMS will be detected by the body because it is already highly sensitised to that particular signal. One can use the example of allergies to see a similar phenomenon- a person who is severely allergic to nuts only needs to come into contact with a trace amount of that nut in order to go into anaphylactic shock. That individual is so susceptible to the substance, that their body reacts even when give a very small dose.

In the case of somebody who is already in a state of disease, a minimum dose of the substance which emits an EMS the same as their disease state, can have the effect of restoring homeostasis by stimulating the body’s immune system.

This ‘bi-phasal’ response is also a well-known phenomena in Western Medicine; “and expressed as the so-called Arndt-Schulz Law: "every drug has a stimulating effect in small doses, while larger doses inhibit, and much larger doses kill.” (Dr H.Coulter)

Dr Tournier continues- “The vigorous succussions (vortexing) could then be understood as distributing the Coherence Domains… while eventually removing all trace of the original chemical substance (through dilutions)”. Which leaves only the EMS of the original substance, be it a sample of pathogenic DNA or a substance such as Arsenic.

“It is also a well documented fact that chemical, biochemical and living systems as a whole are sensitive to EM fields8-10.”

Morphic Resonance-

In Sheldrake’s Hypothesis of Morphic Resonance, he offers an alternative viewpoint to the reductionist view of the world, where anything non-physical is rejected out of hand.

“Morphic fields are fields of probability, like quantum fields, and they work by imposing patterns on otherwise random events in the systems under their influence... (They) are inherited by morphic resonance from previous similar organisms… (involving) a resonant transfer of form, or in-form-ation, from the past to the present… It works on the basis of similarity: the more similar, the more resonant….(It) applies to all self-organising systems, including atoms, molecules, crystals, cells, plants, animals and animal societies. All draw upon a collective memory and in turn contribute to it. A growing crystal of copper sulphate, for example, is in resonance with countless previous crystals of copper sulphate, and follows the same habits of crystal organisation, the same lattice structure. A growing oak seedling follows the habits of growth and development of previous oaks. When an orb-web spider starts spinning its web, it follows the habits of countless ancestors, resonating with them directly across space and time… Animals and plants are connected with their predecessors… inherit(ing) the habits of their species and of their breed. The same applies to humans… This kind of inheritance is now called ‘epigenetic inheritance’... Genes can be ‘switched off’ by the methylation of the DNA itself or of the proteins that bind to it... the effects of toxins can echo for generations. In one study, when pregnant rats were exposed to a commonly used agricultural fungicide, the development of their sons’ testes was impaired, and they had a low sperm count later in life. Their sons also had lower sperm counts, and this effect was passed on from fathers to sons for four generations.”

Sheldrake’s groundbreaking work raises some interesting points in a discussion of Homeopathy, particularly regarding the non-material aspect of his theory.

A species’ evolution is informed by the habits of all previous members of that species, regardless of actual physical proximity. The characteristics of a crystal are informed by similarity with other crystals that have been formed previously- the more similar something is, the more influence it has. This is the same principle as “like cures like” used in Homeopathy and outlined by Hippocrates, Paracelsus and Hahnemann. Things in nature that are similar, have an effect on each other, regardless of whether they are in physical contact or not. Therefore, if your disease symptoms are very similar to those produced by a snake venom (the effects of which have been accurately recorded in toxicological reports), then snake venom is the substance in nature that has most resonance with your condition. Because the body is so highly sensitised to this similar substance by morphic resonance, administering the minimum dose will exert an influence that prompts an immune system response according to the aforementioned Arndt-Schulz Law.

The other interesting aspect is that of epigenetic inheritance- I.E. acquired inheritance from your parents, which seems to confirm Hahnemann’s theory of the Miasms. For a long time, the idea that characteristics acquired during one’s lifetime could not be passed down to the next generation held sway in conventional scientific circles. But now, it is becoming clear that environmental factors such as exposure to toxins or chronic stress can cause epigenetic changes to be passed down. That is one of the reasons for chronic disease and why suppression of symptoms can have very adverse long term effects.