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Holistic Massage

Holistic Massage is a hands-on approach to health care that can help alleviate the symptoms of many long and short-term ailments, bringing stillness to otherwise busy lives, and helping you reconnect to your body.

Drawing on age-old traditions such as yoga, tai chi and Swedish massage, it aims to restore, rebalance and revitalise the body’s physical, emotional and energetic processes. Therapeutic touch encourages self-awareness in your own body; your body is itself part of you, not just something that incessantly performs tasks or unwittingly stores tension due to negative thoughts or emotions. 

Holistic Massage combines the skilful application of various techniques with a sensitivity and flow that creates a tailored framework for each treatment. Regular treatments can be beneficial in many respects:

Assisting blood flow, relieving stress, improving joint mobility and nerve function whilst working well alongside other therapies such as Osteopathy, Medicine, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Homeopathy.

Everyone responds differently to therapeutic touch, so each individual will have his or her own take on what effects massage can have. Intention determines the effects of the massage; uplifting and energising, or grounding and releasing. Sometimes it can be specific to an injury or problem-area, or it could be a full body massage. It depends on how you are feeling in yourself at the time of the treatment.

Ultimately, when you come for a massage, it is your body, and you are the expert in your body; guiding the therapist in the type of treatment they give. 
Frome- Holistic massage can help connect mind and body

Holistic massage can help connect mind and body. Want to destress? Bored of the usual aches and pains? Rebalance body and mind.

Massage in Frome
Holistic massage is tailored to you; the focus is on adapting and responding intuitively.

Holistic massage is tailored to you; the focus is on adapting and responding intuitively.

The Wikipedia definition of Holism is-

Holism (from Greek λος holos "all, whole, entire") is the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic, etc.) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts.

When you receive a massage, it is often noted through postural observation and knowledge of muscle groups, that the area in which there is pain may not be the main cause of the problem.

Due to the body's fascial continuity, tension is distributed throughout "myofascial meridians" rather than being isolated to a particular muscle. This means that treatment will always be holistic, as the therapist seeks to correct imbalances and compensations that have arisen due to postural habits or work-related stress. Trigger point release is an effective method of addressing chronic pain due to muscular imbalance.

Thomas Myer's groundbreaking work on Myofascial Meridians is a worthy read on this subject.