“Luke completely changed my preconceived ideas of Homeopathy, after I had become a bit of a skeptic having tried it a few times, without feeling any significant benefit. He holds space beautifully. I felt safe and able to express openly and clearly, with his soft guidance. After just 2 sessions with Luke, I have felt a huge shift in certain elements of my being. His gentle, nurturing approach has provided me with immense support and allowed me to move through some lingering and deep rooted layers of holding within my system, that were really affecting my ability to thrive. It’s a subtle process- one that requires you to be open hearted and minded- but one I am so grateful for. I cannot recommend him highly enough- I truly think he has a natural, innate skill and talent for this work.”

Female, age 36

“I needed support through a challenging time and thought homeopathy may be the ticket. With Luke’s empathetic ear and his passion for homeopathy and health, I was able to turn that critical corner. I am forever grateful for his time and help. My life has changed so dramatically for the better. Thank you again, Luke!”

Female, age 44

“I’ve had vestibular dizziness and migraines for over a year . It’s was triggered by a bad cold. I had a very good session with Luke at the start of the year . He is incredibly attentive, patient and a superb listener . He allowed me to share my symptoms and experiences in a calm and supportive Skype session . I am finding that the remedy he has suggested to be alleviating my symptoms quite well . I am pleased with the progress. Moreover I am able to touch base with Luke on how the remedy and experience is going and am able to get regular feedback . I highly recommend Luke to anyone who wants a holistic yet effective approach to their health and well-being.”

Female, age 35

“I have been receiving treatment from Luke since November 2011 and highly recommend him. He has always been professional and made me feel relaxed and at ease… He has treated my pain issues using a holistic approach, focusing first on posture and then determining which course of action to take. After each session he has researched stretches and exercises which could be beneficial to me and which can help me to help myself. His treatment has helped me to experience less pain in my forearms and is helping to maintain my health.”

Female, age 40

I came to see Luke for a course of massage treatments for help with my scoliosis. I felt relaxed and in safe hands, seeing a real improvement over the 3 sessions. He uses a good variety of techniques and treats holistically rather than focusing just on where the pain is. He also suggested I see an osteopath for ongoing care which was good advice. He takes the time to consider the body as a whole and explains things in a way that helped me to understand what is going on and suggested ways I can manage it for myself.

Female, age 31

For nearly a year I have been to Luke Norland for sports massage. He listens to any issues that I have and gives feedback on problem areas. Luke is very professional and clearly understands the mechanics of the body and how sports massage can help in sport recovery.

Female, age 38

“Luke felt very attentive and had a good, confident touch. He focussed on all the areas we discussed and put great pressure into the shoulder/ scapula massage- he weedled out all the sore bits brilliantly and I enjoyed the stretches. Good aftercare advice too. Thank you very much”

Female, age 30

Highly recommended for sportsmen or office workers who think they are sportsmen!

Male, age 35