Please note - I am currently taking a sabbatical from my massage practice due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions and to focus on my work as a Homeopath. Sorry not to be able to help at this time.

Thai Massage

Based on a combination of traditional Thai and Sports massage techniques, this deep-acting treatment will help resolve muscular imbalances that lead to painful episodes when left untreated.

You will experience the remedial and relaxing benefits of having yoga done for you, as the therapist guides your body into stretch, unlocking stiff joints and kneading out muscular tension with thumbs, palms, elbows… even knees and feet are used to release specific trigger points for lasting relief.

More than just a massage, you will feel like you’ve had a workout too, and all whilst lying on a comfortable futon! Acupressure powerfully stimulates the body’s own recovery mechanisms (expelling lactic acid, improving blood flow, lengthening tight muscles), and you might even leave feeling an inch or two taller! Please arrive for your treatment wearing loose cotton clothing. The massage is performed on a futon, without oil.

Thai Massage treatment