Please note - I am currently taking a sabbatical from my massage practice due to Coronavirus lockdown restrictions and to focus on my work as a Homeopath. Sorry not to be able to help at this time.

Sports Massage

The ideal treatment to help improve recovery time, performance and to treat acute and chronic injuries.

Sports Massage can benefit performance

A thorough consultation and examination lead to a tailored treatment plan, goals and prognosis for each patient.

Through a patient-centred approach, my treatments fuse wide-ranging influences that focus on stimulating a swift reduction in pain levels. Sports massage can be a catalyst for positive change in the body.

Adapting to each patient is fundamental to delivering appropriate treatment based on causative factors and underlying imbalances as well as providing symptomatic relief. 

Sports Massage focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments.

Deep tissue techniques are effective at reducing chronic muscle pain, as well as treating commonly tight areas like necks and shoulders, low-back aches and leg muscles. It is also beneficial for constantly tired, aching muscles, helping to relieve the build-up of toxins, particularly lactic acid affecting  your body.

My clinical experience is built on a solid foundation of 8 years-

I have undertaken cases ranging from: sciatica, scoliosis, frozen shoulder, migraine, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, digestive complaints, lack of energy, mental/ emotional stress. Throughout this time, I have worked closely with Chiropractors and Osteopaths to help deliver 1st-rate care of musculo-skeletal problems.

I felt relaxed and in safe hands, seeing a real improvement over the 3 sessions.

I came to see Luke for a course of massage treatments for help with my scoliosis. He uses a good variety of techniques and treats holistically rather than focusing just on where the pain is. He also suggested I see an osteopath for ongoing care which was good advice. He takes the time to consider the body as a whole and explains things in a way that helped me to understand what is going on and suggested ways I can manage it for myself.

Female, age 31

Luke is Excellent….

Highly recommended for sportsmen or office workers who think they are sportsmen!

Male, age 35

Luke is very professional and clearly understands the mechanics of the body and how sports massage can help in sport recovery.

For nearly a year I have been to Luke Norland for sports massage. He listens to any issues that I have and gives feedback on problem areas.

Female, age 38

I am very focused on helping patients recover from acute and chronic problems.

Each session contributes to your sense of wellbeing, vitality and awareness of their own state of health whilst addressing the core problem area. I like to discuss and advise on the benefits of exercise, stretching, self-massage, breathing, and alternatives to conventional medication, so that patients can be active in maintaining the improvements made in each session.

I have a lot of experience in Sports Injury Therapy having worked extensively with Triathletes, Rugby players, Runners, Cyclists and Swimmers, as well as helping many people suffering from poor postural habits and sedentary work conditions back to greater mobility and freedom from pain. Although it is probably an integral component in maintaining levels of every professional athlete’s performance, you don’t have to be an elite athlete yourself to benefit from sports massage. If you are upping your training, then consider the benefits of some regular sessions to support the increase in workload.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage needn’t be agony (contrary to popular belief)

Yes, there is usually a certain amount of ‘pain’ but it shouldn’t go over the threshold of what feels manageable, or that it is doing some good. To put it another way, when you come for a massage it is usually because the pain levels have become unmanageable- unless you’re one of those well-behaved patients who likes to book in before things have got that bad. So, when deep, sustained pressure is applied to these painful muscles, the body’s pain receptors will naturally be stimulated. Sports massage performed in a considered and controlled manner primes the body for this response so there is less of a shock. A trigger point may start off with an exquisite level of pain, and then slowly reduce to the point of feeling greatly relieved. Breathing plays a key role in moderating the initial increased sensation so that the muscle fibres are gradually allowed to relax.

Some of the positive effects of Sports Massage-
  • Relieves stiff, aching muscles
  • Improves flexibility for enhanced sporting performance
  • Helps prevent injury by identifying risk factors, and keeping muscles in prime condition
  • Enhances performance by improving recovery time after training or competition
  • Effectively remedies work and posture-related discomfort
  • Helps reduce general tension and stress-related headaches with trigger point therapy
  • Helps to improve posture and body awareness