Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is used to treat specific problem areas in the body, where there are "knots" of tension. Usually, the skin, fascia and superficial muscles are addressed before probing into the underlying muscles that require deep tissue techniques to palpate. This is to soften the surrounding muscles so that pressing through them is more comfortable. Deep Tissue work needn't be agony when approached in a subtle way, and can have very positive effects when used in conjunction with chiropractic or osteopathy.


Mobilizations can help free-up stiff or aching joints as well as aiding the process of "letting go" into a massage, also restoring range of movement and aiding flexibility.

Passive Stretching

These techniques may be familiar to those who practice yoga, where you can "breathe into" a stretch, allowing muscles and tendons to relax to their proper resting length. I.E when a muscle has been overused through sports activity, repetitious tasks or from a sedentary lifestyle it recruits more fibres, increasing tone. Through passively stretching muscles and tendons (the therapist provides the stretch for you) we can encourage muscles back to their original shape and length. Used in conjunction with palpation, passive stretches can be the catalyst for relaxing tight muscles, improving postural awareness and getting you back into shape.

Relaxation Massage

During times of stressful conditions, be they physical or mental, from work or from a difficult exercise regime, holistic massage can be a very effective treatment in promoting relaxation and self-care. Effective bodywork can bring you back to your physical body, providing space for the energetic flow that increases vitality.