Mental health can be supported by homeopathy

Why is Homeopathy well-suited to helping mental health disorders?

The main reason is that Homeopaths treat the whole person on an individual basis, taking into account the mind, emotions and physical symptoms. By comparison, conventional medical practice is to try and explain the problem purely in terms of chemistry or hormonal changes. A drug is then chosen to counterbalance these changes, which can provide relief from distressing symptoms (so long as you continue to take the medication, whilst also suffering the side effects). But in the long-term, this approach does nothing to change the underlying cause of mental health problems.

By listening to the story of how you got to be unwell, a homeopath learns what makes your case unique and then prescribes a natural remedy to support your healing process.

Being given the space to explore yourself leads to a better understanding of what triggers and maintains a mental health problem, whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction or something else. The remedy you are prescribed is based on your experience of being unwell and what circumstances led you to getting ill in the first place.

This study shows the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicine in treating depression.
This clinical trial show how individualised homeopathy was compared to conventional medicine in treatment of  depression in peri and postmenopausal women.

Some homeopathic remedies that can help alleviate mental health problems:

Depression- Aurum metallicum:

This remedy suits individuals who are high-achieving and extremely responsible. They have a tendency to take things very seriously and can be very ambitious at work. This can lead to giving too much of themselves to their career; sacrificing their personal life for the office means that eventually relationships can come under stress. There can be a need to release the pressures of work with alcohol which can lead to liver problems, in turn contributing to angry outbursts and irritability. In hard times, these patients can become very depressed, especially when things go wrong at work as they have invested so much time and energy in their career that their identity becomes bound up with what they have or have not achieved. These patients are not good at opening up about their problems, but the tendency not to express their feelings leads to isolation and a feeling that the problem just keeps getting bigger; and all the responsibility rests upon their shoulders.

Anxiety/ neurosis/ OCD- Argentum nitricum:

This is a mineral remedy that can helps individuals who develop compulsive or ritualistic habits as a result of anxiety and anticipatory nerves. These are types who like to perform and might be excellent athletes or creative types who like to compete. The problem is that the can get very nervous and anxious about upcoming events which affects their performance. There can be an intense anxiety about health or fear of being alone because of disturbing & irrational impulses. Argentum nitricum can do a marvellous job of calming the nerves, restoring balance. There can also be a feeling of being hurried & rushed; not having enough time to get everything done which of course intensifies when a meeting, event or important interview is looming. As the time approaches, the anxieties get stronger which in turn increases the need for rituals (such as repeatedly checking things). Claustrophobia, fear of heights or of being in an enclosed space like a train are also characteristics addressed by this remedy.

Bi-polar disorder- Lachesis muta:

Lachesis is a remedy made from snake venom and is suited to individuals who swing between extreme states, which is why it can be helpful in bi-polar disorder (or manic depression as it used to be known). They have a passionate, outgoing side; very expressive and talkative, followed by a brooding, melancholic state which can lead to jealousy and one-upmanship. In the hard times, these people can become very suspicious and feel as though others are attacking or plotting against them, they may develop ideas that they are not quite in control of themselves such is the strength of their imagination/ subconscious. This paranoia can become so intense so as to eventually lead to psychotic episodes if left untreated.

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Homeopathy for mental health
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