Homeopathy is a mind-body therapy

The connection between stage 15 & the current global pandemic

Empirical practice

Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and has been used by our predecessors in a number of epidemics to help people recover more quickly from sometimes life-threatening symptoms. When you consult a Homeopath, we are able to draw upon a vast database of empirical knowledge, recorded and passed down through the Homeopathic medical journals of the 19th and 20th centuries. More recently in Cuba, an outbreak of Leptospirosis was treated with Homeopathy as a last resort owing to the fact the government couldn’t afford conventional drugs.(5)

I recently noticed an interesting trend after studying several case reports of the current presentation of patients with coughs and flu-like symptoms. It appears that some of the most important remedies indicated by the symptomatology of the current pandemic belong to Stage 15 of the periodic table. Namely, Phosphorus (& ph-ac.), Arsenicum album and Antimonium tartaricum. Mercurius can also tentatively be included, owing to the Nitrogen element in the salt. An interesting side note is that Scholten has assigned Drosera rotundifolia (an infamous cough remedy) to stage 15 in his work –Wonderful Plants. (3)

Relevant symptoms* shared by at least 4 /5 of the remedies- Ars., Ant-t., Merc., Phos., Ph-ac.

MIND – AILMENTS FROM – anticipation
MIND – ANXIETY – future, about
MIND – ANXIETY – health; about
MIND – ANXIETY – health; about – own health; one”s
MIND – COMPANY – desire for – alone agg.; when
MIND – FEAR – death, of
MIND – FEAR – disease, of impending
HEAD – PAIN – cough – during – agg.
NOSE – CORYZA – cough – with
NOSE – CORYZA – discharge, with
NOSE – SMELL – wanting
MOUTH – TASTE – wanting, loss of taste
MOUTH – TASTE – wanting, tastelessness of food
THROAT – PAIN – sore
STOMACH – VOMITING – cough – during – agg.
RECTUM – DIARRHEA – fever – during – agg.
CHEST – COUGH – during – agg.
CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Bronchial tubes
CHEST – INFLAMMATION – Lungs – croupous
CHEST – PAIN – cough – during – agg.
CHEST – PARALYSIS – Lung – catarrh; from
PERSPIRATION – BED – in bed – agg.
GENERALS – WEAKNESS – fever – during – agg.

* Symptoms found in Synthesis Treasure Edition, RadarOpus

Stage 15 keywords of Rajan Sankaran(2)

Losing it
Stage 15 keywords of Jan Scholten(1)
Past / Loss / Bankrupt
Death / Superfluous / Surrender
Handing over / Sacrificing / Forgiving
Poison / Unforeseen / Refusing
Fears: Alone, death, disease.

Jan Scholten’s(1) description of Stage 15 is eerily accurate for what we are currently facing

I have edited & adapted for brevity’s sake

“The power has gone. Everybody knows it is all over. They lose everything they have built up.They feel desperate because they have to quit. They feel everybody is letting them down:people they thought they could trust suddenly don’t support them any longer. It is as if they have to face everything alone, that nobody is there to support him. It is like a bankruptcy: the business has collapsed, the debt collector is knocking on the door. They have a great fear of death and they think about it a lot. Their skills are no longer needed. They have to hand over everything they have built up over the years. They are good at sacrificing, they will give a lot to others, sometimes a bit too much. They might give so much that they become a martyr.

Another theme is poison. They have the feeling that people are trying to get rid of them by stealthy means, for instance by trying to poison them. This makes them very suspicious:they are always on their guard. Any moment their project, or their life, may come to an end. You never know when it will happen, the end always comes suddenly. They feel as if they are powerless to prevent it, as if it will just happen to them. In the first instance they’ll refuse to believe that things have really come to an end. They’ll do everything they can to obstruct the final dismantling. They refuse to cooperate and obstruct instructions. They may do the most desperate things in their attempts to delay the end.”

Aids miasm

Misha Norland has suggested that the Aids miasm is strongly indicated by the pandemic. The virus crossed species – lack of boundaries. Absence of international borders allowed the global spread through high levels of air travel (again, no borders). At first, we have no natural immunity- a feeling of being exposed and unprotected. The fear of contagion and contamination is very strong in the miasm. The polarity to the disconnection is overwhelming love for mankind and a feeling of unification. Peter Fraser(8) associates the Aids miasm with the Electronic age, and it is through this medium that we are finding our sense of community now that we are isolated from friends and family. Fraser(8) talks also about the Aids miasm remedies in the Periodic Table as belonging to the border between metals and non-metals. Which is between Stage 14 and 15. He talks about Germanium being of the Aids miasm as Sulphur is to the Psoric miasm. Carbon, according to Mendeliev is also at stage 14. Many of the classical remedies that come up in repertorisations of common symptoms for the current pandemic belong to Stage 15. Ars., Phos., Ph-ac., Mercurius (because of the nitrogen). Also Nit-ac. has many relevant symptoms. So, I am currently working on an idea that this border of the Periodic table also has a lot of relevance to the current pandemic. 


Stage 15 – Homeopathic Remedies for cough and flu-like symptoms


Antimonium tartaricum

They are intensely distressed, and their main reaction is one of wanting to be left alone; “For heaven’s sake don’t disturb me”. They do not want to speak, they do not want to be spoken to, and very oftenthey do not even want to be looked at. The patients themselves are very miserable, and you often find them lying panting for breath and moaning. Excessive secretion of mucus; standing by the bed you can hear the moist bubble in the chest. There is a very rattling cough, and yet, in spite of the rattle, there is very little sputum expelled. Very sensitive to any stuffy atmosphere. They have an acute air hunger, and a warm room makes them very much more uncomfortable. And an important point is that they are particularly aggravated by any radiant heat. In spite of their general heat and aggravation from warmth, they very often complain of a feeling of coldness from about the knees downwards. It is impossible for the patient to lie down flat; the only thing that gives him any comfort at all is to bepropped up in bed, at the same time avoiding any suggestion of constriction of the chest.(4)

Arsenicum album

In Arsenicum types, there is always intense mental and physical restlessness. You will see the individual constantly tossing about, never still for a moment, and as this collapsed condition goes on he gets weaker and weaker until he is hardly able to move. They are always intensely chilly. They shiver with cold and want to be covered up as they cannot bear the slightest draught. They are usually also intensely thirsty and have a constant desire for sips of water. The kind of response you get to a prescription of Arsenicum is that the intense, mental anxiety begins to subside, the intense chilliness subsides, the patient begins to feel warmer and more at peace. The intense sweating stops, the temperature begins to rise a little, and the pulse begins to steady down. (4)

Drosera rotundifolia

Spasmodic, nervous and sympathetic cough, deep-sounding hoarse and barking. Coughing in fits, at long intervals; aggravated in the afternoon, evening and after midnight. The cough is a harassing, titillating cough; not at all during the day, but commences as soon as the head touches the pillow at night. Coughing immediately after lying down; nocturnal cough which sounds loose, but nothing comes up. The cough is also aggravated by warmth, drinking, tobacco smoke, laughing, singing, weeping, after lying down, after midnight or in the morning.(6)

Mercurius solubilis

In Mercurius patients there is always a profuse, generalized sweat. As a rule there is a swinging temperature; they are either far too hot or far too cold. The cough in Mercury tends to be a dry, racking cough, coming in double paroxysms. The patient has a violent paroxysm, then a pause, then another paroxysm, and then a period of peace.(4)


They have a tendency to overdo things and end up feeling very tired and burnt-outas a result. Complaints may start after going out into a cold atmosphere, after which they start to feel an acute sense of oppression or tightness in the chest. The same night, following this chill, they begin to feel hot and develop a dry cough. Possibly with some hoarseness, or even actual loss of voice, and the feeling of tightness and oppressionin the chest becomes very much increased. Next they develop a sort of catchy respiration, and the breathing becomes rather difficult. Though the patients are obviously tired they do not give you the same impression of sleepiness as does Bryonia; they are more awake, they are more worried, and they are more anxious. (4)

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid represents an even more burn-out state than Phosphorus. These types have used up all their energy, particularly their emotional energy caring for others. They end up sacrificing their own health to make sure they keep a good connection going with their friends and family. Some of the symptoms they have in chest complaints are as follows; “Exceedingly violent capillary bronchitis; fever with evening exacerbations; dyspnoea; pressive pain under sternum; violent sneezing, great thirst; violent coryza; purulent or muco-purulent expectoration; cough with hawking of mucus in little balls; cough in overgrown youths.” (6)


Other important Homeopathic remedies for coughs and flu-like symptoms



In Aconite types, you will always get a history of a very sudden onset. Usually the story is that the individual has been out and exposed to cold, and the same evening they come down with a temperature. It is a very acute, rapidly developing condition. You are much more likely to meet with this type of response instrong, healthy, robust individuals. As a rule you will find a high temperature, very marked excitement, restlessness, and acute anxiety. The patient has a full, bounding pulse, a very flushed face, and a hot, dry skin. Usually they complain of a very dry mouth which feels hot and tinglingand is accompanied by intense thirst. The desire is almost always for cold drinks. (4)


In Bryonia types there is usually a history of a fairly gradual onset and then one morning they wake feeling thoroughly ill, very often with an attack of sneezingand a feeling of blocking in the head. During the morning they felt shivery, may have had an actual rigor, and by the afternoon had a high temperature. They may in fact have been running a slight temperature for the previous twelve to twenty-four hours, though they have not wanted anyone to bother them, so kept going. When you see a Bryonia individual suffering, the impression you get is of a congested, heavy-looking, sleepy-looking patient. They feel hot, and usually have a hot, damp sweat. They have a somewhat swollenappearance. The can also develop a rather intense frontal headache which settles down over the eyes. Often it is much more a feeling of weight than of actual pain, but it becomes painful on any movement or exertion, such as talking or sitting up. They very definitely dislike being disturbed at all. They resent having to do anything. They dislike having to talk, and are very short tempered. They easily become annoyed, and if they are annoyed it always aggravates their physical condition.(4)

Eupatorium perfoliatum

The outstanding point which leads to the consideration of Eupatorium is the degree of pain which the individual has. There are very intense pains all over– of an aching character – which seem to involve all the bones of the skeleton, arms, legs, shoulders, back, hips and, particularly, the shin bones. As a rule, Eupatorium symptoms develop rather more quickly than others, and the pains develop very rapidly. It feels as if the various joints were being dislocated– a very intense, deep-seated pain. Associated with the pain, there is incessant restlessness; the patients are always moving to try to ease the aching pain in one or other of their bones. They are often chilly; easily feeling cold and shivery, sensitive to any draught of air and very often have a sensation of chilliness spreading up the back.(4)


The condition met by Gelsemium usually follows a pattern as outlined here by Borland; “They feel a little out of sorts the day before; possibly a little headachy, a little feverish, have a little indefinite pain, are probably a little catarrhal; they go to bed, do not sleep awfully well, and next morning feel rotten. In nearly all Gelsemium cases, there is a sensation of general aching soreness in the muscles. They can have an appearance of intense heaviness of the eyelids with a good deal of sensitiveness of the eyes themselves, a good deal of congestion, a definite sensitiveness to light, and a good deal of lachrymation (eye-watering).” (7)

My own recent case

This is my own case, when I got the most intense influenza I’ve had in recent memory… I got it just after returning from a trip to northern Italy at the end of January – a week before the pandemic officially began over there.

I was ill with symptoms for at least 10 days, and instinctively self-isolated because I couldn’t do much else! The prominent symptoms are in the repertorisation below; I had fever with chills and excessive perspiration at night. Cough with headache during the day, worse in the evening. Achey muscles at onset with a sore throat. I was off work and at home for about 2 weeks. Also had loss of taste during the coryza.

I used Gelsemium in the opening stages, which were characterised by weakness and achiness. As my case progressed to chills, fever and cold night-sweats, the worst symptom became my headache during the cough. I only looked at one rubric – the most intense and unusual one- which was that I had to hold my head whenever I coughed. It was a reflex action. I tried the Bold type remedies in that rubric first – Bryonia and Nux vomica – to no avail. The remedy that really helped make things much more manageable was Capsicum 200c, repeated regularly especially during the evening aggravation.


More Stage 15 remedies

Bismuth subnitricum

HEAD – PAIN – accompanied by – fever
FACE – COLDNESS – chill; with
RESPIRATION – ACCOMPANIED BY – complaints; other
RESPIRATION – IMPEDED, obstructed – contraction – Chest; in
COUGH – DAYTIME – night, and
COUGH – BREATHING – deep – agg.
COUGH – EATING – amel.
COUGH – FEVER – during – agg.
COUGH – IRRITATION; from – Stomach; in
COUGH – LOOSE – fever; during
COUGH – SLEEP – disturbing
COUGH – SLEEP – wakens from
COUGH – STOMACH – come from the stomach; seems to
CHEST – PAIN – burning – accompanied by – respiration; impeded
CHEST – PAIN – cough – during – agg. – pressing pain
EXTREMITIES – COLDNESS – fever; during
CHILL – BED – rising from – agg.
CHILL – COLDNESS – Single parts
CHILL – ICY COLDNESS of the body
FEVER – BODY – Upper part
FEVER – DRINKING – cold water – amel.
FEVER – DRY heat
FEVER – EXTERNAL heat – Single parts
FEVER – HEAT – Single parts
FEVER – INTERNAL heat – Single parts
FEVER – MOTION – amel.
FEVER – RISING – bed; from – after – agg.
FEVER – SUCCESSION of stages – chill – Internal – heat; with external
GENERALS – COUGH – during – agg
GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – cold drink, cold water – desire -fever, during
GENERALS – FOOD and DRINKS – cold food – desire – fever; during


• Sensation as if this structure, this connection umbilical cord – with parents is constricting, choking, strangling; things getting narrower, images of death, hanging to death, captivity.

• A feeling of restriction is a very important aspect of Nitrogen; also their desire to feel free and try out new things. Parental support and help is felt as oppressing, as a source of restriction.

• Desire to take deep breaths, from sensation as if being unable to take deep enough breaths into lungs to reach a certain spot.

Chest• Heaviness, & sense of suffocation. Pain breasts 

Under pressure, pressurised, pressurising

+ Imprisoned motion

+ State of great tension – about to explode; all wound up

Nitric acid

  • Sputa raised with difficulty; awakens often all stopped up with mucus and must expectorate before he can breathe more easily; sputa of blood mixed with clots during the day; pulse intermits. 
  • Frequent haemorrhage from lungs
  • Chest feels sore to touch
  • Stitches through right chest to scapula
  • Least exertion causes palpitation and dyspnoea; panting breathing during talking; tickling cough, aggr. at night; offensive bloody sputa or purulent and dirty-green, with loose and rattling cough; exhausting night-sweats
  • Skin cool towards morning; heat in flashes in hands and feet
  • Chronic laryngeal cough, without expectoration; stinging, smarting sensation as if a small ulcer were there, generally felt on one side; 
  • Long standing, short, dry cough, continuing all day, very troublesome when first lying down at night, but not waking the patient from sleep.
  • Cough : worse in early stages of the night, as if chest was too full, pain as if bound by an iron band, chronic, from the larynx, stings, smarts, as if ulcerated; 
  • Phthisis– hectic, chest sore, haemorrhage from the lungs. 
  • High fever. Great prostration. 
  • Rheumatism and soreness of the palate muscles after severe influenza.
  • Cough – dry, barking, from tickling in larynx and pit of stomach; agg at night, also in day when lying down; rough, dry
  • Fever, thirst, night sweats, dry paroxysmal retching
  • Excessively hard, dry racking cough with complete ptosis of both eyes, resulting from hard coughing.
  • In chest – uneasiness; oppression; tightness; fulness; cramp like pains; sticking in right side; violent stitch in upper part of and within right ribs, through abdomen and back; stitches in right side; soreness when coughing or breathing; congestion, with anxiety, heat and palpitation; whistling and râles on inspiration.

Thulium metallicum (Stage 15 – Lanthanides)

identity, as to his – own, as if not his
Alone, being – world; alone in the
Annihilation; about to sink into
Clouds – black cloud enveloped her; a heavy
Enlightened; is
Evil – done some evil; had
Heavy; is
Lost; she is – salvation; for
Separated – himself; he were separated from
Shadows, of – his own shadow; desire to know
Sinned; one has
Thoughts – grasp any thoughts; he could not
Unfit – world; he is unfit for the
Wrong – done wrong; he has
DOUBTFUL – welfare; of souls
ESTRANGED – self, from
FEAR – self-control, of losing
HATRED – life itself, of
LOATHING – oneself
RELIGIOUS AFFECTIONS – too occupied with religion
SELF-CONTROL – loss of self-control
TORMENTING – himself
TRUTH – desire for truthfulness


BLINDNESS / DARKNESS / DEVILS / DROWNING / FALLING – abyss, into an / FRIGHTFUL / GHOSTS / HELL; OF / WATER – black / WATER – danger – in water; from danger / WITCHES

  • Chest – Constriction
  • Chest – Inflammation – Bronchialtubes
  • Chest – Inflammation – Lungs
  • Chest – Oppression
  • Chest – Phthisis pulmonalis

Stage 14 remedies

Carbo fullerenum


I think there is some kind of germ thing going on; I talked to a friend of my parents who has throat cancer, and when I was close to him (physically) I thought that I might catch it. Today I was on the tube and had a baguette with me – yet although I was very hungry, I didn’t eat it because I thought it might get polluted. In the end I ate it, but both times the initial reaction was a feeling of possible contamination. I also saw a few times now an advertisement for the flu vaccine right in front of me. I guess the ‘fear of germs‘ is sometimes there (may be even understandably so on the tube), but the last week it was quite often and I felt ridiculous with it… I am very conscientious about washing my hands after going to the loo… Very conscious of things looking dirty, want to wash everything, but don’t have the inclination, after all… Keep seeing a large organic object in the ground. Some kind of massive trunk burrowing in the contaminated earth. Imagined it being chopped in slices and it turned into a great pile of brown sludge. Contaminated earth, disaster, landslide, excreta, filth, vermin… Images of the organic thing traveling through the earth, pushing the earth out of the way. Image of it creeping everywhere and the it would start growing over the house. The earth around it reminded me of landfill or contaminated ground. When it grows it grows really fast… It was mutant, had the power to break through structures. Speedproliferation.

Provers speaking as one

Anxious feeling of approaching death. The levels of this anxiety were often very high… Sensation of panic building, unable to clear by relaxing, heart thumping very rapidly, feeling very jagged – muscles tense, started getting cold, jagged force field around me – barbed wire – concentration camp feeling, unable to get away, nowhere to go, trapped and panickedMuch better in the open air, went for a walk with 2 friends, lungs felt restricted difficult to breathe especially going uphill (like I had smoked too much)… had a fantasy about being chased, I had to hide in the river, Witch hunt time, I felt persecuted and very unsafe… I cannot look at anyone in the eyes when talking to them. I look to the side or past them whilst talking… Awoke very worried when child came home after a dance. Very worried about her friend. Feeling responsible for the whole world… Feeling of anxiety about the future. What can I do to survive financially?… I told my roommate that I had to move to a private room, why was she so intolerable, just the sound of her voice made me crazy… Had a very strong feeling of repulsion toward a student… A feeling of being right at the edge of wanting to physically push them away and yell at them to get away. Repulsion. Couldn’t stand to be in the same room with him; like there was this energy that I couldn’t stand and had to get away from… I feel as though the group is all as one, that we are all in this together… Sense of isolationaround the group… Feel lonely and excluded… Episode of feeling very alone. Lots of self doubt. Feel depressed, dejected, rejected, hopeless. Deep depression and despair. Desperate to speak to someone who understands but no one… I was very detached and disconnected from other people during the proving. It is a real feeling of separation… I feel reclusive almost – I just want to get on with it… Avoided speaking to anyone at school gate. Usually friendly… Asked if I wanted to be somewhere exotic. I said ‘Yes – on my own, on an island’… Sense of distance between me and the world, like a pane of glass – can see and hear but sense of being slightly removed– odd feeling… I felt safe in the Homœopathy School and did not want to leaveDespondent– start sentence and don’t want to finish it. It peters out in babble. Want to cry, but don’t. Have to sit down, feel heavy… Felt weak, unconfident, wanted to leave the homeopathy group and go home… On telly, we watched a program about an old man who lived alone in a house in London, living like a tramp, no electricity, not hot water, and mounds of trash in his garden. Finally, he became too ill and undernourished and agreed to go to a care home. 

• I feel very ill now. I’m very cold – am inside an airport terminal with a winter jacket on, yet I am really shivering. The back of my legs ache, especially when I sit down, and especially the calves. I am tired and would like to have a warm drink.

• Feel freezing, body hot… Woke up covered in running perspiration, especially on chest area, but not feeling hot or cold.

Voice and larynx, trachea and bronchia
• Sore throat, worse left, prickles into top of mouth, throat feels like it tastes peppery / sour – can’t quite describe it. Sharp cut off to left side of larynx.
• There is a tickling sensation in my trachea, but I have only coughed once or twice.

• Sensation of restricted breathing when chanting; as if lungs could not expand fully on the in breath.
• Heavy pain in lungs, difficult breathing.
• Breathing becoming restricted, like a tightness.
• Difficult to breathe in while driving like something tight around upper body.
• Breathing difficult.

• Cough, thick old sputum, almost comes up, small chunk, yesterday also at same time, a small piece flew out, after talking a while.

Inner chest and lungs
• From the heart to throat I feel warmth, even a kind of pressure.
• Chest, inner cavity is restricted, unable to walk up a hill without puffing and panting.
• Slight feeling of congestion of the lungs while driving.
• Pressive pains in sternum on deep breath in – feels like not enough room to breath.
• Can feel heart beating up through upper arms especially right side.
• Chest tightness right side.
• Wind like air bubbles coming up my chest at night just before going to sleep.
• Bubbly chest at 5 pm for about 20 minutes.
• Feeling of oppression in my chest, as if my lungs couldn’t expand properly.

Germanium metallicum

Alone, being – world; alone in the
Arrested, is about to be
Caught; he will be
Crime – committed a crime; he had
Enclosed; she is
Friend – surrounded by friends; being
Home – away from home; he is
Outcast; she were an
Place – no place in the world; she has
Prisoner; she is a
Room – small; room is too
Room – smaller; is
Separated – world; from the – 
he is separated
Strange – everything is
Unreal – everything seems unreal
World – shabby; is
Wrong – doing something wrong; he is
Approached by persons; being – aversion to
Aversion – persons – all, to
Brotherhood; sensation of
Despair – death – thoughts of; with
Despair – recovery, of
Disgust – oneself
Fear – death, of
Fear – observed; of her condition being
Fear – opinion of others, of
Forsaken feeling – isolation; sensation of
Helplessness; feeling of
Home – desires to go
Sensitive – opinion of others; to the
Stranger – sensation as if one were a
Time – slowly, appears longer; passes too
Unreal – everything seems
Will – loss of will power


  • Cough in evening better on waking next morning.
  • Cough better hot drinks.
  • Dry cough, with tickle in throat while lying in bed, worse cold water. Usually better with cold water.
  • Dry cough, sudden, in pairs.
  • Dry cough in pairs, with irritation in throat. Developed into sore throat.
  • Dry, racking cough better lying down, with no expectoration. Better going to sleep. 
  • Dry, tickling cough. Worse breathing through mouth. Better breathing through nose.
  • Hard, dry cough waking from sleep at night.
  • Hollow, barking cough in bed.
  • Sharp, tickling, barking cough, worse evening, cold drinks. Better warm drinks.
  • Spasm across lower abdomen with cough.


  • Constriction in solar plexus, coming and going suddenly.
  • Constriction of a small spot as if a hole were sucking in the tissue around it.
  • Constriction in chest on coughing with clear expectoration.
  • Soreness with slight wheeze in bronchi.
  • Pain on left side when coughing.
  • Ache on inspiration, agg. bending, moving forward, lifting arm.
  • Restriction in lungs with coughing.
  • Funny sensation on breathing. Once the air passed through the throat felt fluttering sensation in chest and bronchi.
  • Feel a lump in the solar plexus. Can’t breathe deeply, air can’t get through properly. Worse standing, better sitting.


1) Jan Scholten – Homeopathy and the Elements – Stichting Alonnissos, 1996.

2) Rajan Sankaran – Schema – Homoeopathic Medical Publishers; 2nd 2007 edition. 

3) Jan Scholten – Wonderful Plants – Stichting Alonnissos, May 2013.

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Dr. Borland saw active duty during World War I with the Royal Army Medical Corps. Postwar, Borland established a practice in London and returned to the staff of the London Homeopathic Hospital, where he became senior consultant physician and chief of staff. He was respected for his presence as a doctor and his willingness to assist his colleagues.

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Stage 15 of the Periodic Table & the Current Global Pandemic
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