Homeopathic Remedies for accidents and injuries.

The first thing to treat following an accident may well be shock.

Homeopathic Remedies for accidents and injuries

To find the right Homeopathic remedy for shock, you need to know what events caused it and the particular symptoms that come with it. Carbo-veg can help after traffic accidents, where the shock comes with coldness & weakness. For intense shock with trembling & hysteria- following a fright- choose Aconite. When there is a shock followed by delirium- with staring pupils leading to fainting- opt for Opium. Of course, Arnica can help with shock straight after physical trauma and Ignatia is 1st choice for emotional shocks or bereavement.

Homeopathic Remedy Arnica
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For sporting injuries, Homeopathic remedies can aid the recovery of strain/ sprains. Arnica should be used immediately after accidents to reduce pain & swelling. Try Bryonia when the least movement aggravates & there is fluid build-up (e.g. Bursitis). Ankle & wrist injuries can respond well to Ruta Graveolens- especially in RSI- the pains are tearing & feel bruised or broken. If the pains are worse for cold, better from movement, with swelling to tendons/ ligaments- opt for Rhus Tox.

Homeopathic remedies can also be a great help promoting the healing of fractures, improving recovery times.

You can use Arnica straight after the injury for shock and bruising to muscles, followed by Symphytum- also known as ‘knit-bone’- to help the bone repair quickly. Where the healing is slow, use Calc-Phos, especially if the injured part feels cold, numb and stiff. If there has been a strain to the tendons, Ruta is a good choice.

Homeopathic Remedy Staphisagria
Delphinium- Ian Sane- Fluidr: www.fluidr.com/photos/31246066@N04

For post-surgery treatment, Arnica is the go-to remedy for initial recovery, especially for bruising of muscles. If the trauma was to soft organs such as spleen/ liver, opt for Bellis-Perennis. For bladder/ urethral surgery, Staphisagria is 1st choice- and great for red, ‘angry’ wounds. Gelsemium can calm the nerves before operations, whilst Phosphorus is useful for fear of surgery. Aconite can relieve panic attacks pre/ post surgery- the patient might even be convinced they’re about to die!

For wounds from cuts, stings and bites, Homeopathy can improve healing times whilst also helping prevent infection. You can use calendula ointment to clean open wounds, and in oral form where there is pus draining from closed wounds. Hypericum is first choice in damage to nerve-rich areas; coming from splinters, bites, puncture wounds etc. The typical pains are sharp/ shooting. Ledum can work well on wounds from stepping on a nail, or from dog/ cat bites- especially if the injured part feels cold.

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Homeopathic Remedies for accidents and injuries.
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