Homeopathy: Initial Consultation




Homeopathy: Initial Consultation

Your initial consultation will usually last up to 90 minutes, giving us ample time to explore your chief complaint, your health in general and the circumstances that have led you here.

As Homeopathy treats you as an individual, I aim to get to know the details of your symptoms- not just what they are, but how they affect you, what makes them better or worse and what impact they have on your life. The process then involves branching out from your main problem, to speak about yourself more generally; your nature, habits, how you respond to stress and how you are when healthy. It is important to put the symptoms you have into the context of your journey, your individuality; the whole picture of your mind-body health. 

Individualised treatment improves your health & wellbeing

Your symptoms are the result of Homeostasis which is a natural process designed to keep you safe, healthy and in balance. Human beings are self-healing organisms, able to produce our own pharmacy of hormones and chemical messengers.

The response to a Homeopathic prescription is different to conventional medicine.

The latter works by suppressing (or masking) symptoms whilst superimposing “side effects” which are in reality just more symptoms. The similar medicine works by allowing the body to express the symptoms more effectively, which brings a resolution to this chronic pattern. This sometimes means that your symptoms become intensified for a brief period as part of a natural healing process. This gives the body a chance to fully express the state it has been struggling with.

The body instinctively knows how to correct itself and once the chronic pattern has been lifted, your general health improves and your body can respond more effectively to stress.

It is a sign of healing to witness a reappearance of an old symptom that predates the chronic dis-ease. This old symptom represents an earlier stage where your body was responding to stress in a more dynamic way (rather than getting stuck in a chronic dis-ease) so this is a sign that you are returning to health.

Homeopathy: Initial Consultation